Jul 20 2011

Physician Assistant Salary

Knowing more about Physician Assistant Salary

Physician Assistant Salary  –  Overview

As its name implies, a physician assistant does similar things on what a licensed physician also does, however, there is just a fine line that draws them apart, and that could also be reflected by the physician assistant salary. In the new generation, medical jobs are ideally the most wanted jobs in the United States. Therefore, if you are one of the many individuals interested to take a part in this work field, choose the one that highly fits your knowledge, skills and abilities.

You may want to become a doctor, but you know that you need a lot of things in preparation for formal schooling or education. So why not settle or consider being a physician assistant. Physician assistants more or less perform the same duties with that of a licensed doctor. Typically, the physician assistant salary is lesser than that of the actual physician. Even though they do about 80% of what real doctors do, it is rather safe to say that physician assistant is not that highly labelled as a profession in comparison to a physician. And just like any other careers, the physician assistant salary also comes in a variety of ranges.

Typical Physician Assistant Salary

The physician assistant salary is typically based on what they do in their career. Most of these physician assistants work under the supervision of a licensed physician, yet there are still others who choose to work independently. The physician assistant salary may not be as high as that of a physician but it certainly gives these employees a good pay. Based on the PayScale website, these health care providers working in the United States get an average annual physician assistant salary of $72,020 to $93,990 in November 2010.

Physician Assistant Salary  – Work Experience

As mentioned earlier, the physician assistant salary varies in range. This is due to the fact that there are also a few factors that made it different from each other. First of all, the physician assistant salary depends upon the work experience of an individual. The work experience talked about here refers to the number of years he/she has been in the profession.

Expectedly, physician assistants who have served the health care facilities for a longer receives greater physician assistant salary. In the latest update of the average annual physician assistant salary according to work experience, those who have been employed for only less than a year gets $64,073 to $77,297. Physician assistants working for 1-4 years now earn about $68,004 to $82,477 while those who have been in this career for 5-9 years get paid with $73,562 to $91,382. There are also physician assistants who are so loyal that they have worked for 10-19 years in the industry. They earn $77,087 to $97,031 every year. The greatest amount of physician assistant salary goes to health care workers who have served the industry for more than 20 years now. Their physician assistant salary ranges from $76,365 to $100,779.

Physician Assistant Salary  –  Industry

Another varying factor in determining physician assistant salary is the industry where you work for. Physician assistants may choose to work in different settings such as hospitals, private clinics, offices of physicians, dental clinics and others. In this profession, those working at the offices of physicians comprise more than half of its total population. They get an annual physician assistant salary of $84,720. The highest physician assistant salary amount paid is through the employment services which reached up to $104,780.

Physician Assistant Salary  –  Location

Another reason for the varying ranges of physician assistant salary is the place or state where the professional is working. Yes, states do not pay the same range of salary to physician assistants. There are others who give higher physician assistant salary compared to others.

Physician Assistant Salary  –  Job Prediction

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted that national employment for physician assistants will likely increase up to 39% in 10 years time. This is also one of the rapidly growing occupations because of the continuously increasing demand for health care providers. Thus, it is expected that for some years now, the physician assistant salary will then again change.

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